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Artemis terra
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Enny+Airra+Atrey       Eva Vošmiková
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odrazka  There are numerous theories regarding the origin of the Weimaraner. One fact remains certain, that the Weimaraner at that time contained a great deal of Leithund blood. These dogs were kept during the first third of the 19th century at the Court of Weimar. In the middle of the century, before pure breeding started, breeding was mainly in the hands of professional hunters and gamekeepers in central Germany, mostly in the regions round Weimar and Thuringa.

 A medium to large size hunting dog. Functional working type, pleasing in shape, sinewy and very muscular. Difference in type between dogs and bitches easily distinguished.

 Versatile, easily trained steady and passionate hunting dog. Persevering in systematic search, yet no too lively. Remarkable ability to pick up scent. Ready to seize game and other prey; he is a good watchdog, without aggressiveness however. Reliable pointing dog and worker in water. Remarkable inclination to work after the shot.